Wednesday, 24 February 2016

RAOK 2016

I saw lots of blurb online last week for RAOK day. I had to admit I didn't realise there was a specific day for Random Acts Of Kindness, I always took it as something you did as and when. However I was thinking about it some more today and I thought I might set myself a RAOK a month challenge this year. Nothing huge, nothing momentous and it certainly wont be changing the world but hopefully it will brighten up someone's day now and again.
I didn't just want to donate a bag to charity, books to a book sale, etc. I do that regularly anyway. When things are grown out of they go on to someone else in a variety of ways, some are sent to Gambia to the village of a child my friend sponsors, some are given to friends who can use them, some are taken to charity shops, etc, etc. No I wanted these to be other acts, something I had to think about doing rather than something I did from habit.
Last month, January, I gave a gift to a friend to say thank you for being a friend, it was nothing amazing, she happens to love elephants and so I gave her an elephant teddy and a card just to say thanks for being you. She was telling me today that it sits in her living room and the flowers on the card match her wedding bouquet. Act 1 complete!
I am attempting Act 2, February today, I made my daughter an infinity scarf and the fabric of which there was a tiny scrap left was much admired by a school mum. Today I have created an infinity scarf from a fleece scarf I had bought to try embroidering on at Christmas but hadn't gotten around to then I used the scrap of fabric to applique hearts on to the scarf. Again it's nothing super amazing and it wont change the world but I hope she will like it when I give it to her at pick up today.
This is a terrible picture but you get the idea. I didn't have enough fabric left to cover the scarf so I put it on and looped it with the seam at the back and tried to work out the best places for sewing so that they were visible. In theory whichever way she loops it she will have at least one heart showing.
I will let you know her reaction next time.
Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. That's a lovely thing to do, I'm sure she will love it :D

  2. What a lovely idea I bet she was thrilled with her scarf X it's funny I was looking at some old blog posts about a pay it forward I took part in back in 2010, might have to do another or maybe join in your RAOK idea. I had no idea there was a day for it either.

  3. Didn't know about RAOK nice!


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