Monday, 11 January 2010

Pleasant shock!

Having just commented on the lovely Sugarmouse's blog after hearing I wasn't the winner of her fab giveaway that I never win anything I have now to eat my words.
I checked in to my email to discover I am in fact the rather pleased winner of who ate my crayons recent giveaway. A years free web hosting! Now I am thinking what to do with it. . .
I have fairly recently launched a website with Mr Site so that's a bit of a pain. But I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve.
I hadn't really planned this post so I didn't have any pics in mind but I will leave you with one from my recent holiday. Not something we see here very often. :o)


  1. Congratulations! And hope you had a lovely holiday! Vic x

  2. That's a great prize! Well done :)


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