Friday, 8 January 2010

Twitter Mania.

There was a flurry of activity at lunch time on Twitter. People seemed to have a manic surge all at once. I noted that I have made it up to 99 followers and was pondering having a giveaway. Either when I reach 100 or possibly to up the challenge a little and wait till I make it to 150! I shall have to ponder a little more on this and see where it takes me. . .

Other news from today is not terribly exciting. I have been making bread and it is cooling now, the smell is making me hungry.
I haven't done any more packing for the impending move. I really should get on with this as we have under a week now. Tomorrow we are on a day trip which rules out that for packing too.
I have however started a cross stitch I was given for Xmas. It is only a small one featuring Raymond Briggs - Snowman. I received his Father Christmas too.


  1. Fresh bread is one of my favourite smells! And love the cross stitch.

  2. mmmm, i love bread would love to make my own. love the cross stitch too :-)


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