Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fabric, Sewing and Cake - Not necessarily in that order.

My camera battery has died and I can't for the life of me remember where I put the charger. Isn't that always the way. But before it died I managed to snap a couple of pics.
I recently bought a lucky dip fabric bundle and I was getting to the point I was dreading what I would receive and worrying about wasting money. Then this arrived.
It's not all to my taste but it's not a bad lot. I can envisage some happy sewing in this pile. And for now it's adding nicely to my sewing stash.
In fact I started using my off cut stash up today. Just another basic Izzy top but the pattern is so easy and so easy to wear that I find it great sewing.
That's my new pincushion in the picture too. The top part of Izzy is an of cut left from a very cute dress I made small girl when she was still a baby. I have been waiting for something to hit me, I have paired it up with an off cut sent to me by my Aunt in a big box of fabric she gifted me a while back. I only got this far as I was called away by Number 1 son. I was told I had to sit in the living room so I duly went and sat. I was greeted by this.

What a creative husband I have. :) He had ideas to do more detail but the bread sticks holding together cracked and he didn't want to risk it collapsing. I think it's pretty awesome.
It is the climax of cake we have had for my birthday yesterday, mini cupcakes, almond slices, country slices, gorgeous cup cakes as a gift, a banoffee pie and a cheese cake as gifts and this.
Cake anyone?


  1. Your fabric parcel is fab...I'm certain many happy hours will be spent using all that and sometimes it's really nice to use fabrics a little out of your comfort zone :-)
    What a talented hubby you have....I love that cake.
    And of course I wish you a very happy belated birthday...wish I was 35 again :-)
    Annie x

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! many happy returns!
    The colours and patterns on your fabric bundle are so pretty.

    Bee happy x

  3. Birthday wishes .. your cake is awesome, what a thoughtful and creative husband. Lots of lovely fabric to keep you busy or even busier! Happy sewing. Love Pat x


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