Sunday, 11 January 2015

Like Mother, Like Son.

You must excuse the mess, someone was two and had a birthday tea. But that is not the reason for this post. The reason for this post is the skirt the little madam is wearing, and hasn't taken off since it was given to her by my 6 year old son who made it himself with a bit of help lining up seams and with the casing for the elastic, he sewed it but couldn't get the elastic through it, the pin kept going backwards so I took over.
He did some of it on his own machine which was a gift from Granny and Grandfather and some of it on my machine as it has more guidelines than his for lining up the sewing against.
He has all sorts of wonderful ideas for his next projects. We will see where they take us.


  1. Hi Christal, It looks like you have your hands full. What a clever son to be able to use a sewing machine at 6 yrs. the little skirt is a beauty. I remember my eldest making a felt pencil case at that age - he is 30years now. I haven't seen your lovely blog before, and have been partnered with you in the Share a Little Love swap. x You can contact me at

  2. I'm catching up with a bit of blogging and visiting those that visited me this week. Thanks for calling by and for your lovely comments.
    What a talent your son has...encourage it :-) give him a huge pat on the back from me and a big hug for being so clever....I love the skirt.
    Annie x


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