Friday, 25 March 2016

RAOK - March

I was thinking of what I would do this month for my RAOK as nothing had really sprung to mind so far. We had a big a clear out and I boxed up lots of bits for Fiji as a work mate of my husband is collecting items to send to friends and family put there but that didn't seem quite right as this was something we would have done anyway and my challenge was to do something we may not have done normally. I made a cushion, bag, skirt, bracelet and necklace for the PTA but again it didn't seem quite enough. Then while we were out today I managed to slip it in.
We were at a National Trust property completing the Easter Trail and had popped in the shop for ice cream. A man was asking about getting cashback or a cashpoint so he could get some money for his son to do the trail but he was told their was no cashpoint and no cashback option.
On a whim I gave him the money, he tried to protest but I just asked him to please take it but to do something nice for someone else when he could. He said he would, thanked me and took his son off to the start of the trail. Both the shop managed and cashier were taken aback by this but hopefully it might make them think of doing something for someone else one day.
I don't usually have a lot of change so this is not something I would normally be able to do but I am pleased that today on such a beautiful day I was able to complete my RAOK this month and make a little boy happy.
I hope everyone is enjoying the lovey weather this weekend. We certainly are.

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