Friday, 4 March 2016

Sewing for Summer

I haven't had the urge to do much recently, the weather, the amount of work to do on the house, the constant stream of expensive problems we have encountered. It's all been a bit much. But this week I had the inspiration to get going again. I joined a group on Facebook called Buy Nothing New. Now while I don't think I will actually BNN, I have been trying to find ways to spend less, well when the account is empty already you don't have a lot of choice really! I have made some incredibly tasty meals from what we had lying around while waiting for payday if I do say so myself. The challenge was actually kind of fun at times. And seeing the food disappear when you were a bit worried at the reception is always good. I have also been on a bit of a sewing spree for Madam's summer wardrobe, she has grown considerably since last year so while some of her things will still be useable more will be required, (supposing the sun ever starts shining, is it just me or is the grey and the wind and rain starting to outstay it's welcome).
My first make was a reversible flutter sleeve dress/tunic top. I traced off the 4-5 age as she is already in age 4 so 2-3 didn't seem a sensible option, it was a free PDF, forgive me I have looked at so many I am not 100% but I think it was from Craftiness is not Optional. The instructions were really easy to follow. The butterflies were from an unseen bundle I bought, a lady was selling on her bits and I took a gamble. I was lucky most of the fabric I received was lovely, I sold on two pieces I knew I would never use. The flowers were a length I had bought for another project years ago in a Rooftop Fabrics sale, but I never got around to using it. So many projects! The ribbon was in a bundle I was given sometime ago. As you can see it needs a good press but I was really happy with the end result and will definitely use this pattern again. It was admired by Madam but is a little big still.

 The second project was another free PDF, I believe this one was from I Sew, You Sew, again I found it via Pinterest. The simplicity appealed to me. It's a lovely A.line dress which looks so effective when completed. Four pattern pieces make it a super quick and easy sew which is great when in a stash busting mood. This fabric was also in a bundle I bought, though from another lady clearing out, again unseen, I love it, I was so pleased there was enough for this dress. The lining was a piece I was gifted and the KAM snaps were from the original purchase maybe 4 years ago now. I am in love with this dress. I plan on her wearing it with layers until the sun comes out to play. 
 My final make is again a free PDF, from It's Always Autumn, also to be found on Pinterest, (I have a board here full of sewing for girls. Pop over and take a look). It was my first attempt of pleats. Two pattern pieces, again a fairly simple sew but made more complex with the pleating and bias binding finish. It needs pressing now it's finished but I was pleased with the overall result. I hand covered a button for the closure as you can see on the second photo. The fabric was left from a skirt I made, the ribbon button hole was a gift, the self cover buttons a free gift a long time ago and the bias was from a roll I bought about 3 years ago, it's nearing the end now, I will have to start making my own. This pattern came with the option to make a top and instructions for an elasticated neckline as an alternative. I think I shall try the shorter elasticated version next.

 So that's what I have been up to this week.


  1. What lovely makes, your daughter will have a super summer wardrobe and you get to use up some of your fabric stash. Good luck with your spending less X

  2. These are such gorgeous makes for your little girl! I agree, sewing/living on a budget can definitely have a fun, challenging side sometimes can't it?! If you have to do it all the time I find it gets a bit miserable though! It's so great how many free patterns are available to download, it's lovely to see what you have made with a few of them. Good luck with the house renovations xxx


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