Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A busy few days.

We've had a busy few days here in Suffolk.
Last Tuesday I hosted a baby shower which went well. The rest of the week was spent preparing for my sons christening on Sunday.
Friday I baked the cake, Saturday I made the scone mix and hubby made the cake topper. He is suprisingly artistic for a man in green. I think he may be wasted in his current job.

Not bad for our first attempt!

I had a sale of three bracelets on Saturday and the lady popped round to collect them and not long after some very special friends arrived from Devon to share our special day.
Jo was Godmother and her children were able to come and stay for a few days as it is the holidays. No 1 son loved having his 'best friend' here. Ben is actually 8 but No 1 adores him and Ben has an extrodinary amount of patience for small children. And No 2 was spoilt for attention by Bens sister.

Taking a break on our walk around the lake.
Monday we took it easy and went for a walk around the lake. The children loved it. They particularly enjoyed playing leap frog over the wooden mushrooms. Here are the boy of honour and his very special friend taking a break from all that excecise.
Now we are all back to normal, sadly our friends have gone home, Devon is such a long way from Suffolk. And I am left with lots of Thank You letters to write and a nice pile of washing to sort out. :o)

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