Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New ideas

Well the sun appeared briefly yesterday morning and it was just long enough for me to grab a handful of my new makes and take some sunny pictures. I knew my window of opportunity wasn't going to be very long so I opted for the fairly bog standard white background and used the trampoline as my base so I could move around the items to get teh least shadow possible. I did venture a bit of arty photography with a couple of necklaces and was pleased with the results. The old apple tree has more uses than I thought. 
Blue Daisy Glass pendant becomes a necklace.
I love the detail of the tree. The colours are really spectacular in the sunshine. I also took some photos of some new things I've made. These are all actually presents but the idea is to start offering similar items for sale. I really like them but then I suppose I am biased. See what you think. . .
September Sapphire - no adornment
September Sapphire - charm adornment
August Peridot - bead and tag adornment
The rain has set in today and doesn't appear to be letting up so I shall have to hope for another sunny morning to take some more pictures. In the meantime I need to get on with advertising all the new items I have photographed so far.
Thank you for stopping by to visit. I hope to see you all again soon.
:o) Fiona @ Christals Creations.


  1. A good idea to use the tree, the colours of the beads really stand out well against it. I only have a backyard so no trees!

  2. I love the tree pic, I have a few bits I sometimes use as probs when I think to get them out! I think bark is always lovely!

    Thank you darling for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol! xx love Annie xx

  3. The top image is my favourite, lovely colours, very summery. Taking the pic from a tree is a very good idea, it draws the eyes in. xx


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