Thursday, 18 August 2011

Using leftovers and finishing up.

So recently I have made a bit of a deal with myself to use up all the odds and ends before buying anything new. I have made a few quite interesting and striking pieces of jewellery which I now need to photograph and showcase on the www. I have found it a bit of a challenge in somecases and I am not sure what I am going to do with the beads I just haven't managed to use.
It's seeped it's way into the rest of our lives as well, using up everything in the cupboards before buying anymore. It has meant we've come up with some very different creations when it come to cooking which have all been rather tasty so far.
I think I might have to do a batch of scones for lunch and maybe make some bread.
I am looking forward to tomorrow. Hubby has some left over annual leave which starts tomorrow and i'm looking forward to two weeks of family things and a bit of a sort out. Things have got on top of us a bit with birthdays and christenings and the house could do with a once over.
Some of you may remember I mentioned a giveaway. I haven't forgotten i'm just being patient and waiting for the last 5 followers to appear. I will still have the giveaway it may just take slightly longer than anticipated.
I haven't really got any new photos to share with you today so I will leave you with this, it's a gift from my belated summer swap.

Good Bye!

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  1. I have been doing the same by using up things before buying anything new, it is suprising what things you find that you had no idea you had, quite frightening really. Enjoy your few days with hubby xxx


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