Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pipe Dreams. . .

I was idley searching the www last week and I found a beautiful house for sale. Needed a bit of work but nothing we couldn't manage and for 5 minutes I actually let myself believe it was a possibility. Then reality struck and I remembered that we are stuck in this job for a good while yet and the chance of us moving anywhere is slim to none.
Still it was nice to deam for a minute. . .
What about you? What would you love to be doing?



  1. Oh I know how you feel, I keep looking at shops, I would love my own shop, but yes, feel it will remain a dream a while longer!

  2. Argh don't you just hate that. I have far too many pipe dreams, I would be able to to keep you up all day and night just reeling off the list haha one day though, that is what I keep telling myself xxx


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