Sunday, 28 March 2010

3 of 7. . .

I set myself a little target on Friday to list at least one item a day for a week in my Folksy shop. I am pleased to say that so far it is going ok. I have managed to stick to it and list an item a day.
I strayed from my animal theme today as I realised I had missed out a couple of the glass pearl items I had made previously.
I am hoping that come Thursday I shall be able to say I did it and even continue until all my collection of items has been added to either folksy or my own website.
Then of course i'll have an excuse to start on more designs.

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  1. Hello! thanks for following my blog- in answer to your question re GWAG - I think it will be very good. Have had a few orders - very early days. FAntastic attitude by owners and v proactive re press releases etc so its a matter of time. xGabs


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