Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A sneak preview. . .

I have just been having a little bit of a tidy up and an organise of my lap top and I thought i'd share a few pictures with you. All animals today. . .

This first one is of some pretty crystal elephants I found at a trade fair which I have turned into a lovely pair of earrings.

Followed by a colourful wooden bracelet adorned with dragonfly charms which were originally for a custom charm bracelet and I was lucky enough to have a few left over.

I love the bright colours, the tactile beads and the almost childlike appeal this bracelet has.

My last one for today is a pair of hemeatite butterflies I was given by a friend who was having a clear out. They too have become a pair of stunning earrings. I can't decide whether to keep them or add them to my shop.

That is all for my little jewellery menagerie today. Perhaps I should go and add some of these items to my webpage now you've all had a sneak preview.

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