Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Passing Time. . .

It seems an age since I have been on here and i'm not sure what I have to show for the seemingly busy period in which I have been absent.
The boxes are still not all unpacked and I fear may never be, I seem to have lost the original will to have a home for everything, perhaps somethings should live in boxes?!?
The work bench is more of a storage table and everytime something is taken off it seems something else appears.
I have made a custom order for a christening which I must photograph and picture on here before it wings it's way off to the recepiant.
I haven't uploaded any pictures since Xmas which is just crazy. I keep thinking i'll do it tomorrow and then other things happen.
I have done a mass load of ironing today which was quite satisfying and raked up some leaves in the garden though doubtless the wind will have them before i get rid of them, the weather doesn't seem to want to settle.
I do however have some PMC I was given for my birthday and I am itching to have a go with it, but I need to come up with some ideas first.
I don't have any related pictures but I thought this waterfall was pretty impressive so am sharing it with you.

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