Monday, 22 March 2010

A little encouragement. . .

Well after what has been quite a hectic few weeks with one thing and another I decided it was about time I updated my lonely blog.
I went home this weekend so we could work some more on our house and also for an in-laws party. Luckily my fab Dad agreed to look after the sprog so we could head off to the party and relax for the evening. It was quite nice not to have to worry about what mischief he was getting up to every 5 minutes, especially after last week when attending another in-law party and he took a giant balloon out into the pub and started bashing a lady who smiled at him with it. (embarrassed me. . . not at all I hid in the back room and let Daddy and Great Uncle Stew collect the monkey).
I was pleasantly suprised to find an email in my in-box on Saturday afternoon telling me 'Skaterboy' had credited my account via paypal. It was my first sale from my own website Christal Creations rather than from my folksy page. Skaterboy is now the proud owner of one of my stock clearance items a hematite ankh cross which I would picture below but the picture function is not playing tonight. After thinking the website was not such a good idea it has given me a little bit of hope that things will pick up slowly.
I was also happy to finish a christening set this afternoon with the arrival of two very pretty silver crosses from Jewels 4 Girls. The christening was actually on Sunday but the jewellery was taken presented and withdrawn to be completed. Again I will add a picture when it lets me play.
Otherwise there has not been much to report. The little one has discovered the word NO and tantrums in the supermarket all in the space of three days which is lovely.
Take care for now. Hopefully it wont be so long between my next post.

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