Friday, 22 July 2011

Garden time. . .

Are any of you garden lovers. We try to be but with this weather things don't seem to be doing as well as they could. I am pleased to be able to report 1 cucumber is making an appearance and some beans and a few toms. The cabbages are doing ok but the cauli, brocolli and sweetcorn aren't worth the space they are taking up this year.

 (Very busy helping Daddy build the raised bed)
We have a raised bed with lovely soil but the carrots and parsnips have declined to grow and only a couple of onions are popping out. Ah well. Better luck next time.
I have just added these fun wine glass charms/markers to my folksy shop. Something for the gardener in you.
Click on the picture for a trip to the shop.

Until next time.

(Don't forget about my giveaway, mentioned earlier. Only 6 more followers and I shall do the draw.)


  1. Fantastic unique items! Our cauli is doing really well but our spring onions are pathetic! x

  2. i just wanted to drop by as your comment on oh sew beautifuls post made me feel sad. I have been involved in quite a few swaps and have always been really lucky. I'm sorry you didn't recieve a parcel, thats really horrible. Try not to let it put you off swaps in the future (although i do understand) as they are really fun. Try and communicate lots with your partner about when your both sending off, and maybe wait to recieve first. Happy blogging xxx


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