Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A make a month. . . catch up

I've been  bit lax in posting for the make a month challenge but I have been making. . .
I can't actually remember where I got up to month wise. I know there was a cross stitch in January, cup cakes decorated by me in February, or was that March? I made a focacia bread in April, in the other month was it Feb or March I made bracelets with my Tuesday group which was a lot of fun. May? What did I make in May? I can't remember now what I tried. I know it's been a different craft/project each month. May I think might have been a Fathers Day card using scrapbooking ideas. Again with the Tuesday group we do a lot of fun things in our Tuesday group. Oh and we did patch working too. .  That was fun as well.
So my most recent makes are a resin project there is a bracelet which is not quite finished as I can't find the perfect clasp but also a pendant which has been given as a present to a good friend of mine. It holds a picture of her daughter. I found amazing glaze and I just had to try it. What a fantastic product. I can't wait to do more with it.
Then this month I have made a candle from a sheet of wax which I can't find the picture of. I need to organise my pictures more carefully. Jewellery are all neatly put away and labelled but everything else sits in files waiting to be organised. And also I tried my hand at homemade icecream. It has the seal of approval from my 2yr old I only added those pics 5 mins ago so I haven't lost them yet!
Sorry it's a bit late in coming but that should bring me up to date for the year so far. I shall find the candle pics and add them asap. I am planning on trying one with patterns next. I only have 6 sheets of wax though!

Until next time. :o)

Fiona @ Christals Creations


  1. You are no longer stuck on 88 followers!! xxx

  2. Aww Rosa Lily thank you. see if that kick starts the wheel. :o)


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