Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another day another dollar

Or perhaps I should say another pound. I was pleased to find when I logged on to Folksy on Tuesday that I had been lucky enough to make my second online sale this month. It was a gorgeous green bracelet that I had decided I may just keep for myself if there wasn't any interest in it. I popped into my local post office on the way to toddler group this morning and dropped it in the box. Let's see if we can make it 3 in a month.
I have been trying to keep up with the listing a day challenge and I think I have only missed one or two days.

Last night I had to do it crouched on the floor as we had our sofa taken out of the room to allow for delivery of a new one today. We were expecting the delivery men between 12 and 6 so were a little suprised when the phone rang at 7.15 and the man told us he could be with us in 10 minutes. Luckily hubby was still home and everything was pretty much ready.
It also meant the little human and I could stay for lunch at toddler group today which was just as well as my neighbour was left at the end with the packing away and tidying away and has two small people to worry about, so while I was trying to stop her youngest who was trying to escape from the pushchair, (he's a wily little thing), she was able to chase the two older ones who managed to get out while the door was shutting. We also managed to hoover and pack away between us. I was forbidden from box carrying so settled with hoovering the giant carpet. I don't think there is that much carpet in the whole of our downstairs!

Otherwise there is not much to report. Due date is slowly creeping closer and bump has started to descend, so thinking it may be sooner rather than later!

Take care until next time.

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