Sunday, 5 September 2010

September so far

Well I decided to set myself the challenge of listing an item a day over on Folksy and I did ok for the first three days of the month. Then we had to go out for the day and after leaving at 9.30 and planning on not being back late we didn't get home till gone 9.30. We had a lovely lunch with my brother and his partner, all the children played together and hubby drooled over my 6mth nephew. He is so good with children. We saw Granny, we saw Uncle and then Nanny. There was some not so good news which was added to by more not so good news, I was secretly thankful that it was not my family and sat trying to be non commital and cheerful. Glad when hubby and his brother came back from pub and we were able to get home. So yesterday was not so successful. However it did bring me a sale of the latest item so I am not complaining. My chocolate box necklace will be winging it's way to it's new owner tomorrow.
I shall see if I can catch up with my listings this afternoon. If the weather is nice I can try and off load the hubby and wee boy to the park!
In other news, it transpired that the suprise going away party for my friend on Wednesday was in fact a suprise baby shower for moi. It was a really lovely evening carefully planned by two of my neighbours. We played lots of silly games, there were lots of prizes and I was sent home with a bag full of presents and vouchers for the new arrival when he gets here. I don't think I have laughed so much in a long time. Blindfolded doll dressing and pin the sperm on the egg were new to me. We were also banned from saying baby all night, this is in fact very hard and I failed miserably. Sadly I don't have any pictures but if you are following me on Facebook I believe a few were posted.

Thats all for this morning I am off to help hubby in toddlers insistence that nappies must be changed when they are wet and smelly. The fuss he's creating you'd think we'd told him his Thomas dvd was being binned forever more.  :o)

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