Sunday, 2 May 2010

50 Followers Winner. . .

First I have to apologise to you all for disappearing. We had some trouble with our new tenants timings and after waiting all afternoon for them we ended up taking the little one to MIL and waiting there. They finally turned up at 11pm on Friday so we didn't end up making it home until Saturday afternoon. (The timings were hindered slightly by hubby deciding he had to get a new tattoo on Sat am as we were in town!).
However at least that is one less worry and we can relax a bit now.
So on to the all important business of who was the winner. I had a grand total of 9 entrants this time, which is two more than my first giveaway. I am not up to speed with random number generators I have heard other people use when they have giveaways and as my response was quite small I asked hubby to pick a number between 1 and 9. First I randomly gave each entrant a number, he choose 2 which when checked turned out to be Alison of AMIdesigns. Pop over and see her lovely creations. I think they are Yummy!
I had a good time blogging for the competition as I found a dew new blogs myself when I gained a couple of new followers. It was a good way to meet a few new people. So thank you to those that joined in.
I will put my little parcel together this afternoon and must remember to photograph it to show you what it contians before it's sent.

Have a lovely bank holiday everyone.

Christals Creations.

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