Monday, 31 May 2010

End of an Era!

Well not really quite that dramatic but it is the end of the May Listers Challenge and knowing there is lots going on in June I have not elected to join in with the next round though I know many of my fellow listers have.
So here is a little selection from my May Challenge. . .
And here are a few items from the other very talented Folksy Listers.

You can click on the picture to pop over and visit these talented artists shops.
It has been a fun month and hopefully it had brought in some sales for the people who have put in all the effort listing and blogging and promoting.
I hope those of you that continue into June have a wondeful time.
Tomorrow I will give you all the details of my 200+ twitter followers giveaway.
Thats all for now - Fiona :o)

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  1. Lovely blog, and thank you for being such a great contributer to the Mad Mayhemmers. I for one had a great deal of fun!

    Thank you too for my little fish feature!

    Natalie x


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