Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Purple and Green

Hello everyone. What a dreary day it is today. Perhaps todays listing will help to cheer you up.
Lovely bright colours to perk up your day.
There have been many fab items listed on Folksy through the chllenge today.
Do please pop over and have a look. I would showcase you a few but we are just off out to have 'tea' with my sons friend. My lovely neighbours hubby is in Arizona training for Afghanistan and we have been invited for tea. She is a stunning cook so I couldn't refuse.
If we are back in good time this evening I will give you a bit of a look into the May Listers offerings for today.
Must Dash - Fiona. Christals Creations. :o)


  1. We picked the same colours today! I love purple and green :-0)

  2. Hi Fiona, loved your fern story, I'm going to start my own family plant, and ask Mum for a cutting. How are you finding the May challenge? I chickened out, not sure I would manage a listing every day, I may reconsider and try it for June? My fav item is your evergreen necklace, Marice :0)


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