Sunday, 16 May 2010

May Listers - Day 16

You saw my earlier listing today picturing the bracelet I listed as part of this months challenge.

I had decided this evening to add a 'showcase' of non-jewellery items. This proved quite hard as there are so many of us but here is what I pulled together.

Gorgeous material from Chumley, Pretty beads from SweetPryoAngel and Wine glass charms from Fairly Girly.
Short and sweet from me tonight, it has been a long but productive day. Lots of items on ebay from our clear out, bread made, lemon meringue made, garden tidied, bins washed, lots of washing and washing up done, the list goes on.
So night all and see you tomorrow.


  1. Lovely choices today and can I have a slice of lemon meringue, not had that for years!

    Natalie x

  2. Thanks for featuring my wine glass charms, fancied making something different. It sounds as though you have been busy.


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